Many visitors arrive to Cancun by the national airport, but how to get to Playa del Carmen with the many options of taxi services or shuttles? Here we list the options of transportation that will get you safely to Playa del Carmen and the different public transportation in land. Just a quick note for everybody who is used to Uber places, the app does not have the permit to work in the Riviera Maya, due to that a vast of locals are taxi drivers or public transportation drivers.

Safe travels!

Ado Bus!

The ADO is the most economical method of transportation to Playa del Carmen. Taxi fare from the terminal to the city can be the most costly but right of the gate you can find ADO, this great option by bus is low on price and comfortable. The ADO bus is air-conditioned, has an area for storing luggage and entertainment as in a movie is shown while traveling.

Pre-paid shuttle

Private transportation is available but is more expensive and requires a reservation. Gratuities are expected, and it is on your option of having private transportation or shared. It is an effective way to travel if your arriving time is late at night when ADO is not on the route.

Taxi Service

We don’t recommend this way, but if you must, taxi services are always outside the gate offering their services. Obviously, you will go on a comfortable ride, private but will be at a high cost.

rental cars

Rental cars are available and are an effective way to go to places if you are thinking of going exploring the Riviera Maya but if you are willing to take other way of transportation we do not recommend this option. Mechanical issues may cause a problem if the car breaks down and interaction with a police officer can be tedious. Additional insurance will probably be required, and local driving rules may differ from your country of origin.


You might arrive at Cozumel airport and you will need to travel by ferry to Playa del Carmen, you will sail for 40 mins straight to your destination. As soon as you get out of the gate, taxis will take you to deck where you can purchase your ticket for a conveniently low price. Departures are throughout the day from 6.00 a.m. till 11. p.m. every 30 minutes.

Public Transportation

Public transportation can be found at the outsides of the airport, they´re very effective, extremely low cost and will get you into the city in a quick reasonable time. Obviously, the vans are share and will make numerous times, but since they go on a fast pace you won’t take long at all. Just a tip, their two different prices, one for foreigners and another for locals, still you´ll be paying a little bit more than others, but cheaper than all the other options.  

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