Playa del Carmen is one of the top destinations in the world, its incredible beaches, pintorestic town, and the amazing boho chic atmosphere. Want to know a little bit more of this incredible city? keep reading to learn some fun facts about Playa del Carmen, you might read a few surprises!

Fun Facts !


60,000 (approx)


Located on the Caribbean coastline in the northeastern part of the state of Quintana Roo. On the Yucatan Peninsula and close to Cozumel and Cancun.

Tourist Office

Address: Corner Av. Juárez and 15 Av.
Phone: 984 873 28 04


People from Quintana Roo are called quintanarooenses and people from Playa del Carmen are playenses.


Playa del Carmen is a Spanish name. The original Mayan name for the city is Xaman-Ha, which means “Water from the South.”

5th Ave.

Playa del Carmen’s main drag, Quinta Avenida or 5th Avenue, is the heart of the city with a long pedestrian road, featuring boutique hotels, restaurants and shops.

The beach

All of the beautiful beaches in Mexico are public property. Playa del Carmen is parallel to the ocean, and 5th Avenue, is only one block from the sea, so you are free to explore the miles of golden sand.


 in August, the water stays about 85 degrees. June through October are the rainiest months and the temperature can soar into the 90s.

Jacques Cousteau Snorkled here

In the 1960s, explorer Jacques Cousteau made the area famous for snorkeling and scuba diving, and subsequently, it became known as one of the top destinations in the world for these activities.


For years Playa del Carmen was simply a small coastal town that people passed through to catch the ferry to the island of Cozumel. Little by little, however, people began to stick around for a few days, having discovered the town’s relaxed vibe and fantastic beaches. Before long, it became a vacation destination in its own right.


Mayans invented gum dating 4000 years ago in Playa del Carmen

Foundation date

1937 the year when Playa del Carmen was founded 

Coral reef

In World War II the US Navy established a base on the island of Cozumel, and it was during their stay that the great coral reef that runs between the mainland and the island was discovered.

Pirates were here

As exploration continued and outposts were established, pirates discovered the area and they controlled it until the 19th century. 

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