How and where to change your money to pesos, it’s the main concerned too many of our visitors. What’s the currency? Do they accept US Dollars? Should you change money in your country? Here we give you the best tips for you and your pocket!

The Top Money Saving Tips!

Get more of your money

If you go to the ATM and pull out the money you will likely have non-bank ATM fee and foreign exchange fee. This will give you (current exchange rate in pesos) to the dollar or for your x amount pesos. If you go to an exchange booth on the street you will likely get .5 less then what you would at an ATM.


Don’t waste time going into a bank to exchange money in Playa Del Carmen. Some will only offer service to their customers, lines tend to be extremely slow and long. ATM’s and Casa de Cambios are for that purpose and convenience of tourist.

Dont Change in your home country

Don’t think about changing money before you get to Mexico, believe us you will never get the best rate in home as you here. You may feel better taking care of it at home but there are ATM’s at the airport in Cancun that makes it so more convenient and safer.


Remember to notify your bank and credit card companies to put a travel alert on your card. This will prevent them from being declined on any transaction while on vacation.


If you exchange at a Casa de Cambio, take your passport with you if not they will not allow you change the money, that’s how the government of Mexico keeps control on the amount a money a person is changing money.

Check hows the currency to the Mxn Peso

Compatible banks

See if your home bank has a relationship with a bank here in Mexico, this way you can save the extra fees.

Avoid cloning

Try to avoid any ATM on 5th Avenue, ATM´s here might have been tempered and have a much greater chance of having issues with card cloning.

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